Why is Grade A Teak the Best For Outdoor Furniture?

When it comes to purchasing outdoor teak furniture, many people consider only the design of the furniture, its shape, and its functionality. However, it's important to keep in mind that there are different grades of teak which play a big role in the quality of the furniture you are buying. In this blog, we will dive into the importance of teak grades and how they can affect the durability and overall performance of your outdoor furniture.
Teak is known for its natural oil content which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture. It is resistant to harsh weather conditions, bugs, and decay. However, there are three different grades of teak; grade-A, grade-B, and grade-C. 
Grade-A teak is known to be the highest quality teak available in the market. Its high content of natural oil and density make it the most resistant to decay and damage. When exposed to harsh weather conditions, grade-A teak maintains its strength and doesn't crack or warp. It has a consistent, uniform color and doesn't contain knots or imperfections in the wood. Grade-A teak furniture is durable, long-lasting, and looks beautiful in any setting.
Grade-B teak falls in the middle of the teak grade spectrum. It has less oil content and density than grade-A teak, but is still considered to have good durability. It has some knots and imperfections in the wood that may affect the overall appearance, but it is still considered to be a great option for outdoor furniture.
Finally, grade-C teak is considered the lowest grade of teak available and is typically used for mass-produced furniture. It is made up of scraps and rejects from other teak manufacturing processes. Grade-C teak has very little natural oil and density, which means that it is not as good at resisting decay, warping, and cracking. Its appearance may not be as high-quality as the other grades and it may contain many knots and imperfections that affect the look of the furniture.
When considering purchasing outdoor teak furniture, the grade of the teak is an important factor to keep in mind. Grade-A teak is the highest quality and will provide the most durability and longevity for your investment. Grade-B teak is a good option if you're looking for a more moderate-priced option, and grade-C teak is the least expensive but is not recommended if you're looking for long-lasting, quality outdoor furniture.
In summary, the different grades of teak are important to consider when purchasing outdoor teak furniture. If you want the highest quality, most durable, and beautiful teak furniture, be sure to opt for furniture that is made from grade-A teak. It may be more expensive than the other grades but it's worth the investment in the long run.
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